Gift Suggestions For A Fun Grandmother

Gone are the days when grand kids thought their grandparents are boring and fragile. The present day grandmothers are more active, social and more often than not, one of their grandchildrens closest friends. Here are a few gift suggestions for the present day grandmother

  • A formal picture with her favorite people it goes without saying that when it comes to your grandmother, theres pretty much very little that is more important than you and your family. Her kids and grandkids will definitely hold a special place in her heart, and having a gift that will remind her of her favorite people will definitely make her happy. And while we are sure she will appreciate any informal photograph, if you can persuade your entire family to dress up and sit for a professionally done family photograph, we are sure your grandmother will enjoy it just a tad more
  • A personalized T-shirt with her favorite quote each and every one of us are in a habit of overusing a particular word or phrase; our catch phrase almost. If your grandmother has such a word, phrase or even a quote from a movie that she has a particular fondness for; make use of it. PersonalizedT-shirt printing Adelaide and mug printing is fairly common now-a-days, and can be easily done. Make sure to get it done in good quality so it lasts for a while.
  • An indulgence for her hobbies does your grandmother have a hobby that she enjoys? Reading, crocheting, gardening, sewinganything that you know of that has her occupied and happy for hours? If she does, then consider catering to them. Subscription boxes are fast getting popular world wide now, and cater to almost every hobby. The best part, you can choose from different packages, depending on your budget. Trust us, shell love getting those little surprise boxes of goodies every month!
  • A luxury hamper of her food/drink obsession if you dont have the patience to see her reaction when the subscription boxes arrive, or if you want to have more control over the contents of the gift, then opt for a gift hamper instead. A hamper filled with her food or drink obsessions make a perfect gift. It is important to make sure this indulgence wont mess her health though
  • A day reserved for grandma-says! remember how you use to play Simon says as a kid? Well, its time for Grandma says!. Spend the entire day with her indulging her every command. Better yet, make others join in. have fun going to her favorite place or doing activities she enjoys. If nothing else, you should know that your presence alone is a great gift to her