Interesting Facts About The Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art is becoming popular day by day. Over the last few years, people have become really keen about discovering the different aspects of aboriginal arts. Some of the key features associated with the said form of the aboriginal art are as follows:

  1. The basic theme of the aboriginal arts in today’s world is the age-old stories and the symbols that have appeared in the Dreamtime. Dreamtime stories date back to the times which the people think was actually the beginning of the world. This makes these stories as old as 50,000 years. These stories run from generation to generation and now they are an inspiration of the people who want to create great art pieces.
  2. The symbols used by the aboriginal people were an alternative to the language that was missing from their culture. These symbols make the basis of aboriginal art. These symbols are incorporated into the art pieces.
  3. These pictures are a great instructional medium. The pictures are actually used as a visual story that can be utilized in different possible ways. The symbols incorporated into the art can be used to convey the message as per the needs of the audience. The picture tells a story which is interpreted differently by different people, hence they are a great mode of teaching to the imaginative youth.
  4. Australia is a land of diversity. Besides other diverse features, the culture cannot be ignored either. A number of people from different cultures and norms were a part of this part of the world. The signs of this variation are quite evident from the unique Aboriginal art pieces that sum up all these variations, thus creating something great all the time.
  5. The traditional pieces of aboriginal art were not present on any canvas or board. Instead, they existed on the rocks and the caves. The formal usage of the mediums like canvas and brush started back in the early 1970s. The first to do so was a school teacher named Geoffrey Brandon who was inspired by the aboriginal stories told by the Aboriginal men. He took up the task of converting these stories into artwork and this is how the things started shaping up.
  6. One of the popular forms of Aboriginal art is dot painting. It is very interesting as the dots were initially used to send in the secret messages. Later the idea was used to create great art pieces. Visit this link for more info on aboriginal art dot paintings.
  7. The Aboriginal creations are present both in museums and the art galleries. They are part of the former for they tell about the history while they are preserved in the latter due to their artistic quality and inspiration.

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